Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Defund Benny Hinn

In the past couple of weeks, a lot of people have been rightly disgusted over videos of people working for the abortion provider Planned Parenthood talking about how they sell the body parts of pre-born babies they have murdered. Calls have rightly been made for the US government to stop giving money to this organization, though the idea has so far been put on hold because those who govern us are little better than the PP butchers.

Having little control of how much tax money PP gets, perhaps we in the church should focus on a similar problem in our own midst. There are those among us who, like PP, do unspeakable things for the sake of enriching themselves. No, they don't physically murder babies. What they do is, in many ways, even worse, because they preach false gospels. They promise people physical healings and monetary wealth while downplaying or even ignoring the need they have to be made clean from their sins by Christ. The Jesus they preach is more interested in things like life-change and giving you your best life now and fulfilling all of your dreams then in saving your from God's judgment.

They preach all kinds of lunacy and wackiness, claiming the Holy Spirit told them things that aren't to be found in the Bible, and even contradict things taught in the Bible.

The good thing about this plan is that you don't have to rely on the cowards in Congress to do it for you. Your yourself can defund these people. You can decide to not send them money, or to not buy their books and CDs, or to not attend their conferences and concerts.

I could name a lot of people whom the church should defund—Creflo Dollar, Richard Roberts, Joyce Meyer, Kat Kerr, or places like Bethel Redding, or media like GodTV or TBN—and if you want to begin defunding them on your own, I will heartily approve. But for now, let's focus on one target. He's on ly one among many, but he's quite a big one.

We should Defund Benny Hinn.

Just as with the PP controversy, there are videos of Hinn saying things that are so completely unbiblical that it's a shame to the church that this man is still considered a minister in the church. Here are some examples...

Defund Benny Hinn. It's easy (you literally have to do nothing), it's free (the idea is to not send him money), and it'll do the world and the church a lot of good.