Monday, May 28, 2012

more rotten fruit

I will warn you, if you choose to watch this video, it is more than a little disturbing.

It's sad that this is where we are now. Godly living and character and sound doctrine are of little to no consequence, despite the occasional verbal bone thrown to them to give a surface appearance of orthodoxy; instead, what we have now is a pursuit of "manifestations", suppose spiritual things that the Bible says nothing about unless it is to condemn them. And some ignorant little girl can get on stage, twitch and spasm and talk about giving some 'sermon' that isn't even about the Bible, and be not accepted but encouraged to continue in this madness.

Let's go ahead and call Bickle's IHOP what it is--a cult. There is nothing godly here. There is nothing of any worth here. God is not in these spasmatic manifestation, God has not part in being "drunk in the spirit" or "slain in the spirit".

Sunday, May 27, 2012

ooo, sparkly

So, I've watched this video, of what Bethel Church seems to be claiming was a "Glory Cloud", whatever that may be.

Sorry, but all I'm seeing are sparkles. Not buying the notion that this is anything godly, especially considering this.

Jesus Culture Conferences 2012

That's right, Bill Johnson, pastor a Bethel and some kind of influence on this Jesus Culture stuff, is at these events, along with modalist/prospertiy gospel heretic T.D. Jakes. And you'd better believe, Jakes wasn't invited without Johnson's ok.

Whatever culture will be at these events, it won't involve the Jesus of the Bible.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

not sure who to bark at today?

Because, apparently, one must use e-cards every now and again to make a valid point... - Moral relativism is a fickle master. What it condones today, it may well denounce tomorrow.

Meaning, quite simply, that if you're letting the culture decide what's right and wrong, well, cultures change. More than that, if you think that fallen, sinful humanity is going to come up with an acceptable moral code, you really should dig up a history book.

Moral relativism is a farce, though not often a funny one. Those it makes use of today, it may well turn on tomorrow. The one that makes his or her own morality is also free to change that morality, and who can say they cannot?

Well, someone will. Because the farce behind moral relativism is that people will be allowed to choose their own moral code. They won't. Those who support the voices of opposition when they are at the bottom, will be less welcoming to them when they are in the position of power.

Either man will submit to God, or man will create gods. History shows us how that works out.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

bad tree bad fruit

My great uncle (my mom’s uncle) was discipled by a man named William Branham. Branham is still considered by many today to have walked in one of the most accurate word of knowledge and healing gifts of anyone documented. Many times he would call out a person’s address, phone number, and sickness and then declare healing over them. More often than not, that individual was healed. Many times whole hospital wards were brought to his tent meetings, and often everyone would leave healed! William Branham once said that my uncle was like a son to him. He poured much into him, and it did not go without return! My uncle was involved in the beginnings of the Full Gospel Businessmen, a ministry that God used in the mid-1900s and still continues to use today to go to the nations as well as to fund overseas missions.

Several years ago, I sat around a fireplace with my 89-year-old uncle listening to firsthand stories of himself, William Branham, and Demos Shakarian. These were compelling accounts of miraculous healings, third Heaven experiences, and most of all, radical love for God. He recounted a time he was in Japan and announced that God wanted to heal. Right away, a man with a shriveled arm and hand came up for prayer. As they began to pray, the cracking and popping of bones being formed and muscles being created filled the room as the Holy Spirit began to move in a powerful way. It was soon announced to those attending the meeting at the Pearl Ball Room in the Tokyo Hilton that revival had come to Japan. The man’s arm was completely healed. Soon after this, the room was full of reporters and the pastors began to minister deliverance and salvation to those attending.

Byrd, Andy; Feucht, Sean (2010-09-01). Fire and Fragrance (pp. 32-33). Destiny Image. Kindle Edition.

This excerpt is from the third chapter of the book, which is subtitled (Andy's Story) (yes, the parentheses are there), and so Andy Byrd is talking about his own great uncle.

So, keeping in mind that he's talking about a great-uncle who was seriously connected with William Branham, we might well ask, who was Branham and what did he teach (to overuse parentheses even more, you may notice that Byrd writes nothing about Branham's teachings).

Well, Branham was what could, most politely, be called "a piece of work".

The Teachings of "the Prophet" William Branham
William Branham's Basic Beliefs

First, and perhaps most importantly, Branham denied the triune nature of God. His ideas about Christ seem very convoluted. Jesus was a created being, Jesus at one time was not God because Jesus had to have had a point of beginning, Jesus thus was not eternal. He was against baptizing in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. He was, thus, a modalist.

His ideas about the Fall are bizarre. He taught that the account of the Fall was some kind of symbolic language, that what really happened was that Eve was sexually seduced by the serpent, and thus became pregnant with Cain. Apparently, she and the serpent even set up house together for a while.

He claimed that God's word could be found in other places than the Bible, but also in the Pyramids of Egypt and in the Zodiac. So much was in influence by these ideas that his own tombstone is in the shape of a pyramid.

He was a false prophet. Like the current false prophet Harold Camping, Branham made predictions that the end of the age would occur in 1977, and that that is also when the millenium would begin.

You can see how Byrd tries to essentially equivocate and cover for Branham.

"Branham is still considered by many today to have walked in one of the most accurate word of knowledge and healing gifts of anyone documented." Notice the weasel-words "one of the most accurate...". Obviously, that means it wasn't perfectly accurate, either in regards to knowledge or to healing, a sure sign that Branham's powers did not come from God. In the Bible, a prophet is expected to be absolutley perfect and accurate in what he says in prophecy. How could it be otherwise, if the God who is perfect in knowledge is giving knowledge to the prophet? But if the spirit speaking to the prophet is not God or from God, then we may sure that, for all of it's apparent displays of occasional accuracy, it will also show itself to be very wrong, and thus false.

"Many times he would call out a person’s address, phone number, and sickness and then declare healing over them. More often than not, that individual was healed." Again, notice the similar weasel-words "more often than not..." Byrd is admitting the Branham got it wrong at times. Again, that is a sign that this spirit was not from God.

"Many times whole hospital wards were brought to his tent meetings, and often everyone would leave healed!" It would have been good if Byrd had given us some documentation of these events. Where, for example, did such things happen? Were these healings verified?

Notice that Byrd is essentially boasting of this connection, distant as it was, with this false teacher and prophet. He holds Branham up as a model or hero, someone to be looked up to, an example of a person with the kinds of powers many today or tomorrow should have.

Oh, one more thing--Branham also taught the Manifest Sons of God heresy. It goes by other names--Joel's Army, the Latter Rain, Seven Mountains Dominionism, and others. Byrd and Feucht are quite into it, too, though they are careful to avoid the names. Here are some examples from this same book.

God is longing to fill us with an accurate view of the spiritual disciplines and allow us to begin to experience boundary lines in pleasant places as David refers to in Psalm 16. I prophesy and declare that God is raising up a whole generation that will be known for both great exploits and uncompromising character—radical power and a committed life of extravagant discipline! These will become inseparable in this generation. The world will look on with amazement as a company of Daniels emerges on the earth and in the Church whose character is above reproach and whose life is full of anointing, power, and love.

Byrd, Andy; Feucht, Sean (2010-09-01). Fire and Fragrance (pp. 148-149). Destiny Image. Kindle Edition.

"Raising up a generation...", language consistent with the dominionist's heresy. Here's my own attempt at prophecy. Well, not really prophecy, since I make no claim to such a gift. All I'm doing is being a bit far-sighted--think something like what chess players do--, and taking Scripture seriously. My prediction, such as it is, is this--there will be no such generation. God saves individuals, and puts those individuals into churches. There may be people with dominionist beliefs who have spiritual manifestations, but they will not be from God, just as the manifestations associated with Branham were not of God.

Colossians 2:10 exhorts and reminds us that every believer has “been given fullness” (NIV). We must break out of an ungodly paradigm that every believer is not already fully equipped to become the solution and hope for the darkness flooding the world. It is so imperative to understand that Jehu was not a prophet or a priest but was an heir to the throne. This mandate and high calling from God goes out to all joint-heirs of Heaven to establish His Kingdom dominion in the land. This is in one accord with the prayer of Jesus in Matthew 6:10: “…on earth as it is in heaven.”

Byrd, Andy; Feucht, Sean (2010-09-01). Fire and Fragrance (p. 161). Destiny Image. Kindle Edition.

You might note the focus on us, that we are to become the solution and hope for the world.

We declare that we have been crucified with Christ and we no longer live, but Christ lives in us. The life we now live, we live by faith in the Son of God, who loved us and gave Himself for us! Oh God, we count all things rubbish compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus, our Lord! Oh God! Raise up a generation that is radically in love with You, totally surrendering to you, and completely abandoned to Your purposes.

Byrd, Andy; Feucht, Sean (2010-09-01). Fire and Fragrance (p. 187). Destiny Image. Kindle Edition.

So, can anyone claim to be succeeded in "totally surrendering"? Not even Paul, whom these writers quote or paraphrase, would likely have said that he had. He wrote quite plainly in Romans of his struggles with his sinful nature.

This is law. Not only that, but I can't think of anyplace in the Bible that speaks of us needing to practice "total surrendering" or be "completely abandoned", unless it is a law that we must confess to have broken and repent for breaking. And as with all law, we will never in this life perfectly obey it. If your hope is in some generation that will be "totally surrendered" and "completely abandoned", then you will be disappointed.

Can fruit coming from such a bad tree as William Branham be anything but itself bad? I would say, no. To borrow a quote from Luther...

At that time my wife said unto me, Sir! how is it, that in Popedom they pray so often with great vehemence, but we are very cold and careless in praying? I answered her, the devil driveth on his servants continually; they are diligent, and take great pains in their false worshipping, but we, indeed, are ice cold therein, and negligent.

Martin Luther. Selections from the Table Talk of Martin Luther (Kindle Locations 1069-1072).

Friday, May 11, 2012

be sure to have the right kinds of prayer stakes

Ok, so, you're in a city. Not just any city, but a capital city. And not just any capital city, but a "major capital of the world"! Sorry, but your little podunk county seat is just not so important.

So, let's assume that you, for whatever reason, want to leave a prayer stake somewhere in that city. I'm not sure why you would, as the Bible says nothing about prayer stakes, and it certainly seems like a rather bizarre practice, but...whatever, you want to.

But do you have a special capital city prayer stake?

Revival Run_27,000 Paryer Stakes Later

Finally …the big one .
3) To see every major capital of the world experience a Revival Run and be prayer staked. In total there are 196, that’s 196 opportunities for people to literally be the adventure and pray for a global move of God…C’mon.
We are making special capital city prayer stakes to give to anyone who is going to those places….it would be amazing.
This may not happen in a year but it could be amazing!

So, you'd best not be leaving any little prayer stake that you would leave in any little backroads city in your travels. No, you'd better use a special capital city prayer stake for those capital cities. God may listen to you if you use a puny old common prayer stake, but using a special stake will push your prayers to the front of the line.


Sunday, May 6, 2012

james goll doubles down on false visions

On one Mother's Day, I decided to give Michal Ann a very special Mother's Day present. The best gift I could think of was to pray for her. As I began to pray, my spiritual eyes were opened for a moment and, over Ann's head, I saw a clear crystal pitcher etched with the numbers "9" and "2" in the mathematical configuration of "nine to the second power." Then I heard the words in my spirit, "We are going for the double this time."

James W. Goll;Michal Ann Goll. God Encounters: The Prophetic Power Of The Supernatural To Change Your Life (Kindle Locations 2143-2146). Kindle Edition.

If you're familiar with math, even from high school, you may have read that started scratching your head.

"Nine to the second power" is not that same as "nine doubled". "Nine doubled" would 9x2, or basically 9+9. "Nine to the second power" is very different, it would be 9x9, or adding nine 9s together. In other words, this spirit talks about doubling, 9x2, but the symbol on the jar stands for 9 squared.

And if you think this may be just a bit of a mistake on his part, read on...

I watched as this beautiful pitcher was tipped down, and clear water poured out upon Michal Ann's head. The fluid seemed to literally go down inside her being. The Holy Spirit said, "I am going to teach you about `the double: You have heard that Elisha asked a difficult thing-he asked for a double portion of the anointing that rested upon Elijah, and he received it. We are going for `the double' this time." I continued to watch as the water poured into my wife, and it seemed that brown sediment was pushed deep down inside her (as it is with all of us!). Then light brown water began pouring out of her, as the clear water kept pouring in from above.

James W. Goll;Michal Ann Goll. God Encounters: The Prophetic Power Of The Supernatural To Change Your Life (Kindle Locations 2146-2150). Kindle Edition.

So, the voice in his vision (it's not the Holy Spiirt) even relates it to Elisha asking for double from Elijah.

Oh, and don't miss the context of his little vision--this is his gift for Mother's Day to his wife, the mother of their children. Funny, when I read that, I thought I had a vision of seeing a bunch of little chicks running about saying "Cheap!"

Saturday, May 5, 2012

james goll outs himself as a false prophet

There are times when the truth is simply as plain as can be, and one wonders how even the person involved cannot see it. In his book "God Encounters", James Goll absolutely states, without any attempt to hide it, that he is a false prophet. More than that, the spirit that he says gave him this supposed prophecy is a liar, which means it certainly isn't the Holy Spirit.

In my dream, I saw a ticker-tape clock, with a digital-type readout indicating the number "2600." Then, I heard someone say, "When Wall Street hits `2600,' this is the demarcation. Count 40 days after." I also saw the words, "nervous frenzy." I wasn't quite sure what to do with the dream, but I thought it was interesting and filed it away. Occasionally, I quizzed the Holy Spirit and prayed over the revelation.

James W. Goll;Michal Ann Goll. God Encounters: The Prophetic Power Of The Supernatural To Change Your Life (Kindle Locations 1296-1298). Kindle Edition.

Ok, so, James Goll has this dream, which he says is prophetic. Although specific time references are few in this account, at one point earlier he mentions 1986. He then tells about meeting several people and going to New York City. He gives no time for when he had this dream, only that he had been to NYC several times before but had never been to Wall Street.

One day in August, the four of us had already spent five hours praying at the Ukrainian church when we traveled to some key spots in New York City to "pray on site with insight:'

(Kindle Locations 1302-1303)

I'm not sure at what time they started that five-hour prayer session, but it must have been very early to have done that, then travel to several different sites in NYC and do their praying. I'll show why in a moment. He doesn't really say all the places they went, but he mentions Federation Hall, though from his language they may or may not have gone other places before that, and then to the Episcopal church where Washington went after his inauguration. He and those with him returned to Federation Hall, and Goll told them about this dream, and that he wanted to go to Wall Street. He and some of the others went.

If you want to read the book, you can read about the things they did there. Frankly, the most miraculous thing about it all is that they didn't get arrested, assuming the story is true. Here's the part I want to point out, the part the makes Goll and his spirit dream-giver liars.

This brought to mind the Word of the Lord: "When Wall Street hits 2600, this is a demarcation. Count 40 days after." Not only did the digital clock hit its mark from the dream, but Wall Street trading also reached the unprecedented 2600 mark that very moment. Exactly 40 days later, the stock market crashed 508 points in a single trading day, which sent shock waves and a "nervous frenzy" throughout the United States and all over the world.

(Kindle Locations 1331-1333).

So, we have a time marker for when Goll and his companions were on Wall Street, some August. In doing some research, I learned that the Dow Jones topped 2600 for the first time on Monday, August 10th, 1987.

Now, Goll says that exactly 40 days later, the stock market crashed 508 points. Now, there was a day that the stock market did crash like that. It's called "Black Monday", and it was Monday, October 19th, 1987. That day is over two months after August 10th of that same years; in fact, it's 70 days after it. The only way to get 40 days from the two dates is if for some most bizarre reason the entire month of September, which has 30 days, didn't happen in 1987.

Sorry, but when the timeline for your prophecy requires the complete disregarding of a complete month, your timelines is probably bad. So is the prophecy.

Now, about their actions that day, remember to keep in mind--they've already had the 5 hour prayer session, and they've travelled to at least two different places, and returned to one. And I'm betting their times praying at those places were hardly short times--these people seem to think that making long prayers is very spiritual.

At the very moment I prayed and released "the arrow of the Spirit," the digital clock flipped to 1:26- only this clock also displays seconds. So the digital clock on Wall Street's trading floor hit exactly "1:26:00" just as I and my companions prayed.

(Kindle Locations 1329-1331)

I'll let you find out for yourself what is meant by "the arrow of the Spirit", as's one reason I'm surprised they weren't arrested, or at least firmly led to the door. I want to point out that, in this account, this happened at about 1:30 in the afternoon.

Granted, there are people who can do quite a bit by the time 1:30 in the afternoon rolls around. But, between you and me and anyone else who cares to read this (hello, Mr. Goll), I think they would have been better adviced to have slept. Oh, not until 1:30, of course, but until a decent hour.

Another thing of interest here. In his dream, he sees what he calls a digital ticker-tape clock with th number 2600 on it. He claims that when the clock in the Stock Market hit 1:26:00, that this was when that clock hit the mark in the dream. Which is silly. I'm betting that every day, in fact probably twice a day, the clock would hit 1:26:00, once in the afternoon and once in the early morning.

At any rate, Mr. Goll, you've been found out now, and I do indeed stand by the position that you are a false prophet (and you're bad at math, too), and the spirit that gave you this dream is a liar. I name you as a false prophet, one that we should not listen to, one that should be silent. You have lost all authority you may think you have over anyone by this false prophecy. Please, kindly step down from any ministry position you have, as you have shown yourself unfit for it. Offer public repentance for your false teachings. Find counseling, preferably outside of the NAR cohorts you have around you. No, not preferably, absolutely outside of it, because we see how their counsel works with regards to men like Todd Bentley, who both before and after his fall had no business being in the pulpit at all.

Until you do so, I call on others to reject your teachings and your prophetic words, because by the testimony of your own words you are a false prophet.