Thursday, September 25, 2008


...On the one hand, he (Neo) didn't seem to give the Bible the same place of absolute reverence and authority I had been trained to give it. On the other hand, he wasn't simply giving up on the Bible, nor was he shopping it, picking and choosing what he would buy and what he wouldn't. He really seemed to care about what God's will was, and I wondered, isn't that all that really matters?
McLaren, A New Kind of Christian, p. 51

Is that all that really matters?

For example, if you had asked a Scribe or Pharisee in Jesus' day, wouldn't he have told you that he cared deeply about God's will? If you were to at this time ask a Mormon or Jehovah's Witness, or even a Muslim, wouldn't they tell you that they care deeply about the will of God or Allah?

To return to something said a few entries back, didn't Paul say in Roman 9 that his people Israel had a zeal for God? But how much good did that zeal do them, because they did not have a zeal that was founded in true knowledge of God?

The subtle way McLaren in his writings denigrates the Scriptures can only lead to bad theology and bad decisions in life (like opening supporting and trying to elect a presidential candidate that is not only pro-abortion, but pro-infacticide). He undercuts the source of our faith by continually referring to bad theology from the past as reasons to question sound doctrine.

So, no, caring about what God's will is isn't all that really matters. Many people can make that claim who have no idea what God's will really is. It is through the Scriptures that we can know God's will, and denigrating them does not make one apparent care for His will any more real.

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