Monday, March 2, 2009

pots and kettles

Last year I was in Canada for a couple of days, staying in downtown Ottawa. When I got to my hotel, I noticed that there was a buzz about the lobby. Lots of people with cameras and lots of British accents.

I got my key and took the elevator to my floor, and as I walked down the hall, the door of the room next to mine opened and a woman stepped out wearing a shirt with four words on it: "Mick, Keith, Ronnie, Charlie."

Ah, yes, the Rolling Stones.

With great passion, she told me that they were staying in this very hotel, and that the concert was tomorrow night, only a mile form here.
Rob Bell, sex god, p. 34

This entry isn't about the Stones.

It simply struck me when I read this the first time, that Bell is staying in the same hotel as the Stones.

Because, let's be honest, the Stones aren't camping out at the nearest Motel 6 or EconoLodge.

No, when the Stones go to a city, they're crashing at one of the swankiest places in town. Bell doesn't say what hotel it was, but with such a clientelle, it can't help but be a very nice place, with a hefty overnight price tag.

And that's where Bell stayed.

(Not to mention that he goes on to say that he got a ticket to the Stones' concert the next night, and that couldn't have been cheap, either.)

I kind of found that to be a bit off. You know, him being emergent, and them being so "Wealth is evil and God favors the poor and we need to stop being such greedy Americans and give up on capitalism and the free markets and go socialist so everyone is equally poor and all that..."

Do I hear Algore's private jet going by overhead...?

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