Wednesday, July 29, 2009

sojo going unhinged

Here are excerpts from two recent Sojo articles, most notably by two Sojo biggies, one being Wallis himself, which shows how very unhinged that blog and organization is becoming.

First, from McLaren.

Four Lessons from the Religious Right

The temptation to overreact will grow greater as the Religious Right II re-forms (as it will no doubt do), perhaps as a more extreme, fractious, reactionary, and perhaps even militant group than before.

I've commented on that already, and those comments still stand.

This second is from Wallis.

An Evangelical Who Doesn’t Like Sarah Palin

When I listen to Sarah Palin, I go back and forth between thinking this person is just not smart enough to be president (and our recent experience of that has been scary enough) to thinking that she is indeed smart enough to be a very effective demagogue — stoking the fears and myths of the American people to build a frightening political future.

Misrepresentation, fear tactics, insults, demonization--what more do you want to show how close to over-the-edge they are coming?

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