Tuesday, August 25, 2009

a true parable in response to a false one

Peter Rollins, who thinks that disobedience is a way to show that you're a true disciple, has taken it upon himself to write a "parable" (more like a farce) of those Christians who look for our blessed hope, the glorious appearing of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ, and who would love for Him to appear.

The Rapture
Introducing the characters…

The first is a rough take on it, the second is more fleshed out (and I do mean 'flesh', as in 'in the...').

So, in response to this bit of ridicule on his part, here's a response from me.

There was a woman who met a man, and learned that he loved her, cared for her, esteemed her. He was a good man, she learned, one who was kind, considerate, just, and true. When after a time he proposed to marry her, she agreed.

During their engagement, he had to leave for a time. When he was preparing to leave, he wrote a letter to his beloved, both expressing his love for her and leaving instruction for her on things he wished for her to do for him in his absence.

When he had departed, her friends would often visit her, and came to notice some strange things about her. They found her often in the company of others, talking in disparaging ways about her betrothed and his people. A few times, they saw her with other men, acting around them as more than friendly, letting them kiss her, and she was even with them for the nights. Those who knew what her fiance had written to her, what he had told her to do, were surprised to learn that she did little of what was told, but rather neglected much of it and even did the opposite.

What was most surprising to some of those friends was that she said that she did not look for the return of her fiance, but rather said that her lack of looking for him was because she found him in her other lovers, and it was in giving herself to them that she showed that she most loved her fiance.

When the man returned, and learned of his beloved's indiscretions, he saw that her love for him was false, and he broke off their engagement, and told her to leave him.


Blank Slate said...

I think Pete likes the fact that he is so creative and gets so much "praise" from his fellow flakes.
I read your links and just abobut threw-up.

Keep the Faith, once and for all delivered to the saints

jazzact13 said...

Sorry about that, but sometimes the truth is...sickening.

And, yeah, I think you've hit it. It's like these fake apostles and prophets who keep hearing each other, affirming each other, saying the same things to each other. Emergents like to agree with each other, praising each other's attempts at creativity, thinking each is more bleeding-edge than the others.

Blank Slate said...

I left some responses at the links you had and both of them were moderated out so no one got to see them (not that they were very deep, but...). If it ain't positive to Pete, he don't like it... (all I said was "Oh Pete, you're such a smarty pants. Oh, OK the other one said pete was sucha smart a$$... sorry, I couldn't help myself.

jazzact13 said...

But in a sense, I'm glad they're going there. The masks are coming off, and what they really think of us behind their previous nice words is showing through. Rollins' contempt is on plain display in his 'tract'.

jazzact13 said...

Apparently Rollins got some negative feedback (one bit of it from me, I admit) for some things he's written, and so tells us that just because he wrote it doesn't mean he thinks it's true.


Oh, here's the one that I commented on quite negatively.