Friday, February 5, 2010

tipping the hat

For all that I (rightly) get on Sojo's case at times here, though far less I suppose than they deserve, I will give them a bit of respect for this article.

Tim Tebow’s Pro-Life Super Bowl Ad Brouhaha

The whole article makes for an interesting read, and I will respond to the last question by saying that Colts will gallop away with the trophy, though corny analogy aside, it will be a pretty good game.

Critics point to the pro-life message as being inappropriate. Really? You may disagree with it, but how is it inappropriate? The commercial is running during a game in which very strong, grown men tackle each other, sometimes to the point of injury, while boisterous fans, some in various stages of inebriated behavior, scream encouraging words using colorful language while grown women wear clothing small enough for small girls shake their pom poms in order to create team spirit. Yes, let’s talk about what is inappropriate and question where our values are.

And apparently there is a flurry of investigative reporting happening as well because questions are being raised about whether or not Pam Tebow’s story is true. (She got pregnant in 1987 while on a Christian mission in the Philippines and got sick. Doctors told her that the pregnancy was risky, but she chose to go through with the pregnancy.) Some headlines are declaring Tebow’s story a “falsehood”. Have those writers and critics taken a look at some of the boobs (male and female) out there? There is plenty of falsehood to go around. Buying expensive but really cool shoes won’t make you cool, but that falsehood is what sells those shoes. My goodness, advertising wants you to buy into a falsehood – if you buy this product you will be happier, more attractive, more successful, more this and that.

The first paragraph is a good point. I think the second is a bit iffy, since if the story didn't happen as Tebow and him Mom say, it takes away from the point being made. Sorry, but this isn't "I, Rigoberta Menchu".

So, a bit of a kudo to Sojo, for what it's worth. Don't read more into it than that, though.

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