Monday, April 19, 2010

never let the truth interfere with propoganda

Such is the Left's motto. Such is what Jim Wallis tries to do today.

The Oklahoma City Bombing Anniversary and Home-Grown Terrorism

On this terrible day, I have to ask: Are we concerned about the clear history and threat of domestic terrorism, or just foreign-based terrorist attacks?

Very likely, both. But the other question is, is Wallis concerned about either type of terrorism, or the propoganda value he can squeeze from this anniversary.

Are we as concerned about potential terrorists who are home-grown Americans with white skin as we are sometimes obsessed with darker-skinned suspects of Middle Eastern descent? And are we willing to focus our attention on the white right-wing violence of so-called American or even “Christian” militias, like we are now seemingly ready to unleash the forces of law enforcement against the mostly harmless but very vulnerable people who crossed the border illegally? Those are some of the questions we should ask as we watch the MSNBC documentary tonight.

Yes, because it is only "white right-wing violence" that is the problem, or so he wants us to think. How right-wing the OKC bomber was is up for debate, though it fits Wallis' agenda to try to make him so.

Oh, and we are concerned with "white...violence", but if you bring up Bill Ayers and his connection to the current president, Wallis would likely have a fit.

It should also be noted that the special Wallis touts is by Rachel Maddow, hardly a paragon of unbiasness. It would be no surprise if her 'special' leans more than a little left, while trying to make the right look bad.

Because that is what this is all about--setting up the Tea Party people for when something bad happens.

It’s time we make it clear that different views of the role of government are legitimate and essential to a robust democratic discourse; but the hateful and even violent rhetoric that has been employed in the past, and is now having a resurgence again, is dangerous and destructive and should be renounced and rejected by people of faith and good will across the political spectrum.

Yes, he's right, in a way. Unfortunately, it's his side that is using "hateful and even violent rhetoric", and he is not prepared to "renounce and reject" them. If he even recognized it when he hears it.

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