Friday, December 3, 2010

another dippy sojo comment

Maybe I should make this a regular thing. I doubt I will, though, mostly because I don't have the time for it. Many more things I'd rather do, or must do.

But some jewels of stunning nonsense should be shared.

The Story of One Unemployed Man

The main article itself would be of interest--Sojo supports policies that endanger jobs, frequently castigating the US for many of various sins real and imagined, and simply seem to want us to do away with economic policies that have been proven to work for those that have time and again proven to be failures. And when the failures happen, like with this anonymous person she's talking about, well, it's up to the government to take from those who have to give to those who have not.

What I found hilarious, though, was this comment.

Extending the bush tax rates for the wealthy will not help build a business. Taxing them at 90% would effectively force them to build their business by giving them the incentive to invest instead of paying the tax. You have it backwords.

Oh, really? Taxing those labelled "wealthy" 90% is an incentive to grow business?

Wow, that's surprising.

Oh, I could see it being an incentive of sorts. An incentive to continue moving jobs from the US to other countries. An incentive to find places where they can build their businesses without them being place for government charities to syphon off funds. Perhaps even an incentive to decide that it's just not worth it, that it'd be better to simply not try to build when almost the entirety of what you build is taken away by law.

An incentive to keep fighting so that an overbloated government can continue to take away a vast majority of what one as worked for? Hardly.

Even this bunny  Knows you failed

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