Tuesday, April 12, 2011

the right can do no right?

Caputo hates the Right. The Right can do no right. Nothing.

Take, for example, a bit of what he writes here. It's in a part of his book that's suppose to deal with abortion, but he ropes in a few other things, too.

It is hypocritical to oppose abortion while simultaneously opposing the vast support system such a ban would require.
What Would Jesus Deconstruct, p 114

What what would this 'vast support system' entail?

They would include full and free prenatal care of poor and uninsured pregnant women, of unemployed and unwed mothers,... It would further include a comprehensive system of government-supported adoption agencies....comprehensie system of day care...dramatic increase in support for the public schools in the poorest neighborhoods...fair labor laws, living wages, medical and vacation benefits, and good pension funds.
p 114

And what would these require?

All that would require funding, which means taxes, which conflicts with the greed of the Right, religious and secular.
p 114

So, let's see.

Could we imagine how this would work for, say, some other moral issue?

Let's take, for example, theft. Is it not hypocritical to oppose theft while simultaneously opposing the vast support system this ban on theft requires? For example, does not opposing theft mean that we must make sure that people get all the things they want? If a teenager wants a pair of really expensive atheletic shoes, is it not incumbent upon us to make sure that he or she receives them? Perhaps we should set up a social program which makes sure that teens whose families are of a lower income should receive a free pair of really expensive sport shoes of their choice?

Or what about fornication and adultery? Does opposing those things mean that we should also do other things about the issues, too? Should we, for example, set up a matchmaking service, so that people in their young adulthood can find mates, so as to deal with the temptation to fornication? Or should me maybe legalize prostitution, to make sure that those who are determined to commit sexual sins can do so in a relatively safe, legal, and affordable setting? Should we make sure the government provides free condoms, free hotel rooms, and free abortion services?

I hope these show how ridiculous Caputo is here. Opposing abortion does NOT mean that we must support the liberal social cradle-to-grave government handout agenda.

I understand why many Christians would want to discourage women from ever chooseing to have an abortion in any circumstance. But such people have the responsibility to put their money where their faith is, to do everything they can to provide these women and the children they will bear with a comprehensive system of support, and to address the deeper structural issues of povety that spawn so many unwanted pregnancies.
p 116

Yeah, because it's not really the responsibility of those who go around having sex and getting pregnant, it's the responsibility of everyone else. But, then, maybe I'll just quote Caputo one more time.

There is no one right answer. Life is not fair.
p 116

I'd take responsibility...

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