Sunday, June 5, 2011

another dippy sojo comment

An Alternative to Abortion: Imagine the Story We Can Live Out

Perhaps later, I'll write a bit about the main entry here. For now, though, there's this.

The first mistake we made is to hitch our wagons to the conservative wing of the Republican Party, most of which doesn't really care about the issue (but coveted our votes). And with the increasing irrelevance of the religious right, abortion has taken even more of a back seat than it had before. My prediction: Abortion will become an issue when, and only when, the conservative movement completely collapses.

So, abortion will become an issue when...the people for abortion in all cases and for any reason are the only ones out there? When those who are against abortion have collapsed?

Wow. Screwy thinking, much?

Your FAIL!!! frightens kitteh.

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