Friday, February 3, 2012

good for him!!

I've said nothing about things Tebow here, for a few reasons. 1. He was a Gator. 2. Did I mention Gators? 3. Everyone else is saying everything anyway. 4. Gators. 5. The whole Gators thing. 6. I did cheer for him some (as a Bronco, not a Gator). 7. Like I said, everyone and his brother was voicing opinions all over the place.

Ok, having said all that, I must give him major props for this.

Why Is Tim Tebow Backing Out of a Speech at Rod Parsley’s Christian Conference?

Tebow was scheduled to appear in March at the three-day Columbus, Ohio, event being hosted by televangelist Rod Parsley. In a phone interview with the Associated Press, Tebow’s brother Robbie confirmed that his brother is canceling. ABC6 reports that this decision is based on Parsley’s controversial teachings...

Apparently, the Tebow camp hadn’t looked into the event prior to committing. And now, something has led the player — perhaps the aforementioned elements — to backtrack on his commitment.

The page has a photo of the website for the event, and along with Parsley it also has Kenneth Copeland.

I'm glad Tebow is getting out of that thing. There's nothing there he should be getting involved in.

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