Sunday, February 10, 2013

movie review--hansel and gretel

not really worth it

I kinda wish I could give this movie a better review than I'm going to, but the truth is, it's not all that good of a movie.

It's kinda fun. It has a few little twists and turns. The effects aren't bad. There's a bit of effective humor. But in the end, it was rather a "blah" kind of movie.

Renner is one of the better action movie actors, which was shown last year with The Avengers and the Bourne movie, and he put in a solid enough performance here. In fact, the acting itself was fairly good, overall. And I'll give the idea, what happened to the two kids after they escapse the witch in the candy house, a bit for creativity.

So, what's my problems with the movie?

First, the scene at the pool. I'll not go into details about it, but it was a bit more than I was expecting, and not in a good way.

Second, while there were a few original elements, all in all the story was very typical. No real surprises.

Third, the language, especially going up to the last fight scene. There were a few instances of language throughout, and there are probably plenty of movies out there with much more, but for whatever reason, it was still jarring and unwelcomed.

The enemies, the witches, were almost all extremely typical of the types of villains on shows and in movies these days--bizarrely made-up and screeching, reminding me most of Wraiths from the Stargate: Atlantis series. They just weren't interesting enough.

And, of course, we're told that there are good witches, too. Yeah, I know, if you've seen The Wizard of Oz, that's hardly a new idea. Just don't buy it.

I don't think I'll be re-watching this one. Just not worth it.

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