Monday, April 15, 2013

peter wagner: Jesus could have decided to sin

That certainly seems to be what Wagner is saying in this quote from his book "On Earth as it is in Heaven", emphasis mine.
A fresh look at Jesus’ temptation will remove any lingering doubts that Satan had acquired true dominion over the earth. What I am going to say now assumes that we believe the three temptations were real. They were literal, not just figurative. In each of the three, Jesus could have decided to sin, which, of course, He didn’t.

On Earth as it Is in Heaven (Kindle Locations 796-799).
This is more than a little bizarre. Jesus could have sinned? Really? Doesn't that mean the Jesus was less than divine? If Jesus could decide to sin, then that's essentially saying that God could decide to sin.

I think Wagner needs to consider his words a bit better, at the least. In fact, perhaps he should stop pretending to be a church leader, after that one.

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