Sunday, November 10, 2013

movie review—Thor: The Dark World

After a few weeks of so-so movies, it's good that things are picking up again, starting with last weekend's Ender's Game. This time, we get Thor: The Dark World, and there was much rejoicing.

This one's pretty fun, though there are some moving moments, too. Loki is less straight-forward in his shenanigans as in The Avengers, and more subtle and indirect as in the first Thor movie. The scientist lady from the first movie, who got only a brief mention in The Avengers, is back, and things between her and Thor come more to the fore here, and stay well within bounds of decency. Which is rather more than could be said about the scientist Erick from both earlier movies, who does get the scenes that were rather a bit much.

The story is solid enough. Dark elves are rather popular, but while the ones in this movie may have been rather creepy with the masks, and they did have some cool flying machines, overall I don't think they'll be quite what the movie is remembered for. The big universes-killng aether thing just didn't seem all that threatening, though it did offer opportunity for some nice visual effects. The big bad guy, Malekith, could have used a bit more development to make him more interesting.

Still, there were lots of things in it to make it worth one watching, and maybe two. The scene that got the most laughs had to do with Loki's illusion-creating abilities, you'd know it if and when you see it.

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