Monday, June 30, 2008

chronological snobbery

What if the core message of Jesus has been unintentionally misunderstood or intentionally distorted?
The Secret Message of Jesus, p. 3

Because 2000 years of Christian thought and theology can't be right, and we had to wait until Mr. McLaren comes along to (finally) get things right.

Consider the arrogance, the chronologica snobbery, of such a statement. Consider how many people, learned and educated Christians, who have come before and are even alive now, to whom this man is saying "You did not get it right, and I have".

Behind whatever niceness his rhetoric may possess, however self-effacing and self-deprecating what he says, underneath it all is an arrogance that is overwhelming. All before him (expect the few who agree with him) are wrong, and they have "unintentionally misunderstood or intentionally distorted" the message until he came along.

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