Monday, June 30, 2008


Francis Schaeffer, The God Who Is There, p. 28
Notice that I call the line, the line of despair. Above this line we find men living with their romantic notions of absolutes (though with no sufficient logical basis). This side of the line, all is changed. Man thinks differently concerning truth.

The purpose of this site is to show how there are teachers out there, Christian in fact or in name only it makes no difference, who are writing, saying, teaching things that are below this line of despair. Their ideas of truth are such that truth is an almost completely meaningless word.

Thus, in some way, maybe small maybe not, I'm going to here move against them and their ideas

The purpose of this site, then, is not to rant, though there may be wit and sarcasm.

Here, there are two methods I plan to use. One is to use the words these teachers themselves have used, written or spoken, to show how wrong they are. Perhaps there will be Bible verses used to answer them, to show how wrong they are. I hope that will be the most usual way. There may be other kinds of comments, too.

Another is to give other's thoughts, other's words, as a way of giving insight and information into what's going on.

This will not be a nice thing. It will be essentially destructive and negative. Let that be admitted now, because there are things that must be fought against and even taken down if it's possible.

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