Thursday, August 28, 2008

making the simple sickeningly impenetrable

This comic works for the current postmodern virus on so many levels...

In reading pomos recently, I'm struck by how far they will go to take what is simple and make it into impenetrable blather. See Caputo's take on the Cross below here for an example, and Raschke's death of God thoughts, though those are rather clear compared to other things they and those like them have written.

One does after a while get that sour taste.

And, finally, as so well put in McLaren's "A New Kind of Christian", since we don't know what postmodernism is or where it's going, we'll probably need to live quite long before they finally decide whatever it is they are (all the while having to deal with them in the here and now). Though I doubt anyone, even they themselves, buy into such a patient view of things.

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