Wednesday, October 7, 2009

offending liberal sensibilities

...In the future liturgies of the church, the word "trust" should replace the word "faith" as often as possible. The word "wisdom" should replace the word "salvation". "Blood" should disappear altogether--along with all military metaphors and images. Bloody liturgies in church only encourage and sanctify the bloodletting of the battlefield. Please, for God's sake--no more "Onward Christian Soldiers".
Robin R Meyers, Saving Jesus from the Church, p. 179

There is a certain fascination at seeing the kinds of things that offend these genteel, liberal souls. Why is salvation offensive? Because it is individualistic. Why is the blood of Christ something to be replaced? Because it's an icky thing that only primitive pre-enlightened people would value, and we have progressed so much since then, and don't make me send the ACLU after you to make you stop!

Remember things like this when they tell you that they take the Bible "seriously but not literally", but it shows that that statement is a lie, and they take it neither seriously nor literally. If they took it seriously, they would see how seriously the Bible takes "the precious blood of Christ", and would not treat that blood as something to be "trampled". And they would see that the Bible says no nice things about those who do that.

But this man, and those like him, not only do so, but encourage others to do so. Thinking themselves wise, they have become fools. In their eyes, the wisdom of man is to expose the foolishness of God.

And do not be ashamed of the military metaphors. They are based on the Bible, and no amount of spin these people can put on them can take away from their power and accuracy.

Onward Chrstians Soldiers
Marching as to war
With the Cross of Jesus
Going on before.

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