Tuesday, October 13, 2009

so long, most likely

Making a move, especially a rather significant and lengthy one, usually involves changes of various kinds. As one now in the process of moving, some things will no doubt change for me.

One thing about moving is that some things need to be left behind. One thing I am not moving is a large portion of what passes for my library. One part of what I'm not taking is the rather more numerous than I thought number of books by emergents and those they have claimed as inspirations. So the numerous books by Bell, McLaren, Pagitt, Jones, and those they recommend like Wilber, Borg, and Fox, are not among the things I'm taking with me.

But not to worry, they will soon be in what I only consider a better place--biodegrading in a landfill. I suppose I could have taken them to a used book store, but I refuse to spread their rot in such a way.

So, most likely, this will be it for EP. It's been good, I hope you've enjoyed it and found it helpful, or if you're emergent, I hope you're either honked off at me or well on your way to not being emergent any more.

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Blank Slate said...

Thanks for the posts Brother. God bless and keep you.