Thursday, January 28, 2010

the left's new dream team

Sometimes, they spell it right out for us. A Sojo write has done so, at least.

Howard Zinn’s Last Advice to Me (and America): ‘Independence from the Military-Corporation’

It seems to me that the confluence of massive disemployment, plus knee-jerk militarism, plus stalemate on the climate crisis and on health care, plus the Supreme Court decision on corporate financing of elections, plus the use of the filibuster in the Senate — all in what many assumed or hoped would be a year of major progressive change — has shocked enough people that it should, and might, make possible a progressive coalition.

First, what is disemployment? What is knee-jerk militarism?

And the stalemates on climate change and health care are because the people know that these things are false crises--we know the data has been doctored on climate change, and we know that the health care bill will far more damage than good.

The Supreme Court's decision last week was a good and sound one.

And the liberals have had the supermajority in Congress this past year, such that the Republicans could have stopped them from passing any bill they wanted. One also wonders if this person would have been so quick to want it eliminated when, for example, Dems were threatening to use it concerning some of President Bush's justice seat selections.

No, all this person wants is for those opposed to his agenda to be shut up and shunted aside.

I’m imagining a coalition aimed at “independence from the military-corporate alliance,” with a platform that includes strong planks on climate, jobs, health, ending the present wars, major reductions in the military, transforming campaign finance, and ending the filibuster.

I could pretty much rest my case right there.

These paragraphs were excerpts from a letter he wrote, I think to a few people. This is part of one reply he got.

Someone or some group that is respected throughout the progressive movement would need to take the initiative and summon supporters. With blacks, Latinos, women prominent, and not disdaining celebrities. I think of Julian Bond, Danny Glover, Rosie Perez, Cindy Sheehan, Harry Belafonte, Matt Damon, Oprah, Alice Walker, Marian Wright Edelman — some well-known clergy, you and others, some labor leaders. Maybe not that exact group, but just to suggest a direction. And a few super-organizers.

Wow, how many more nut-jobs could have been listed? I do notice Sean Penn missing, but I suppose that wasn't an exhaustive list.

Remember Danny Glover? For a place like Sojo that had a high old time over Pat Robertson's statement about the Haiti earthquake, statement I'm pretty well convinced were taken out of context by a lot of people on both sides, they shouldn't even come within a hundred miles of Glover, after his statement that the disaster was the earth's response to the failure of the Copenhagen climate summit.

With a dream team like that, prepare for left's new nightmare.

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