Tuesday, January 12, 2010

a liberal who agrees with me??

Or, more likely, he says some things I think are good points.

Anyway, I seem to remember Dyson from the Gates controversy, and none too fondly, either. He was, I think, one who was early one saying the officer was racist, and I don't know if he ever apologized for that or not.

But here, he calls out the Dems and libs about read.

Black Professor: If White Republican Said What Reid Did It Would Be Huge News

MICHAEL ERIC DYSON, GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY PROFESSOR: I think the Democrats here are morally weak, they are noxious to me, because on the one hand, you don't have to play into the Trent Lott versus Harry Reid thing because you can see a bunch of differences there. The reality is this, though. We have a President who is loathe to speak about race. He would rather talk about anything but race. And I think his personal discomfort should not be stand-in for his bully pulpit use here to say, "Look, I can accept Harry Reid's apology. But let's explore what Harry Reid said." [...]

To be honest, the Republicans are given a high hand here because our side refuses to say anything that is even intelligible or coherent about the issue of race and to sweep it under the carpet as if it makes no difference. If a white Republican had said this, this would be huge news. They would be making hay out of it, calling for his resignation. I think we're hypocrites and we're morally weak here. [...]

Here's the problem though: [Obama's] personal discomfort with race must not absolve him of responsibility as an American president. We don't expect you as a black president to deal with race. We expect you as the President of the United States to address this. And I think that he's being shown short here. He's shown that he's not really capable.

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