Saturday, February 6, 2010

if i could give you one bit of advice...

funny pictures of cats with captions
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Anonymous said...

Let me give you a piece of advice. An idiot behave more like a Christian than a pompous arsehole like you who think he knows it all
learn to respect people in whatever form they choose to come in before you spew your garbage in the Internet if you want others to hear your god or they will spit at you and call you, not god, a disgrace to humanity, the woman who bore you and the god you claim to represent.
Your attitude towards people betrays you. You don't need god, you need to see a psychiatrist!lol

jazzact13 said...

What your comment has to do with the cat, I have no idea.

It was very tempting to not accept your post, but I thought against that thought. Incoherent hateful ramblings speak for themselves.

But it's not me approving your comment or not that you need. You need God, the true God, the God of the Bible. You need His grace and forgiveness.

And it is there for you. He is not far from you, but is near. Your liking or disliking of me is unimportant, though I hope you can come up with a more coherent argument next time.

This is my call to you--repent and believe the Gospel, that Christ suffered and died for you sins, and rose again.