Tuesday, May 4, 2010

grasping at fictitious straws

We are Exiles Who Follow an Alien, Undocumented, Migrant Messiah

And, so, Sojo digs to the dregs of desperation for any argument.

The dominant narrative — the one about illegality, rule of law, blah, blah, blah — is persuasive because it provokes and exploits the one emotion that has driven American politics since 9/11: fear. We’re told by critics and commentators that Americans have never been so angry, that our public discourse has never been this strident and dangerously uncivil — all the red-faced name-calling, the ugly race-baiting, the shrill, snarky meanness.

Umm...yeah, the usual gaggle of protestors from the left have been ratcheting up the nastiness, haven't they? Not that they've ever been tolerant of those who dare to disagree with them, mind you.

But much of the anger — at least the real anger, not the feigned rage of opportunistic politicians — is symptomatic of Americans’ deep-seated xenophobia.

Yeah, everywhere I look, only one kind of people, all around. Every other kind of peoples, must be in hiding.

(that's sarcasm, btw, because that statement is so patently false, I'm surprised this Sojoer can get away with writing it)

We are exiles who follow an alien, undocumented, migrant Messiah. As Edgardo Col√≥n-Emeric notes (in the sermon linked above), “Jesus did not have a valid birth certificate. Mother’s name: Mary; Father’s name: unknown. In fact, Jesus had no papers in his name, no title deed, no rental contract. Nothing. ‘Foxes have dens, and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to rest his head.’”

Ah, here's the main part. Unsubstantiated claims about Jesus, must have taken lessons from Borg and Crossan.

When was Jesus ever an undocumented alien? Some post-ers point to when he was taken to Egypt,when Herod tried to kill him. But considering that both Israel and Egypt were under Roman rule, which another post-er points out, that won't hold.

Valid birth certificate? Didn't know such things were around at the time. Much of the rest of it is simply "shrill, snarky meanness".

A phrase formerly associated with interrogators of the Third Reich — “let me see your papers” — will now enter the lexicon of law enforcement in Arizona. Jesus — in the guise of the brown-skinned “other” — will be asked for documentation he doesn’t have.

And the crowning touch--comparing Arizonans to Nazis. I think that, too, qualifies as "red-faced name-calling, the ugly race-baiting, the shrill, snarky meanness".

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