Monday, May 10, 2010

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Words to Remember

This new blog is a response to something I read and posted about a few weeks ago. It's here. The quote that was most 'inspiring', in a way, was this one, from Jim Wallis.

It’s time we make it clear that different views of the role of government are legitimate and essential to a robust democratic discourse; but the hateful and even violent rhetoric that has been employed in the past, and is now having a resurgence again, is dangerous and destructive and should be renounced and rejected by people of faith and good will across the political spectrum.

Now, it's pretty clear from the context given in the article as whole, linked to in the earlier entry, that Wallis is talking about right-wing rhetoric, like the mysteriously unproven charges that Tea-Party people yelled racial insults at a Congressman on the day the Health Care bill was passed.

As you'll see on Words to Remember, though, I have a bit of a different take on "the hateful and even violent rhetoric", and I give real examples, not hypotheticals.

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