Sunday, January 23, 2011

loopy sojo comment

I haven't posted much for a few weeks. Been busy.

But, some things must be shared.

The King’s Speech: MLK and Tucson

As with most things Sojo, the article itself is...something else. Apparently, Sarah Palin can't even respond to accusations against herself with Sojo finding something wrong about her doing so.

But, since I'm focusing on a particular comment, let's go there.

Your source is suspect because she's a large part of the problem in her own right. On top of that, liberals don't have -- in fact, have never had -- access to major media to spill their bile

The last part of that is the hilarious part. How much bile gets spilled out on by the libs who host and frequent the talking head shows? You know, the ones with hosts with names like Matthews, Olberman, Schultz, Behar? Or shows with names like The View? Not the mention print media, like almost all newspapers.

Oh, but they don't have successful talk radio hosts, and there are a few columnists who don't toe there line (like Michelle Malkin, whom the commenter was refering to in the first part of that quote). So, since liberals don't have everything, they must have nothing!!

You only succeed at fail.

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