Friday, February 18, 2011

another emergent says he's smarter than God

I Don’t Believe in Demons

As I’ve been writing the posts exploring the possibility of Christian universalism, it’s become clear to me once again that I have a pretty different worldview from Jesus. Had I lived in his time, I’m quite sure that our worldviews would have been more similar, but a lot of water has passed over the dam since Jesus’ day, and it’s sometimes difficult to build a bridge back there.

I also — no surprise here — hold a different worldview than some of this blog’s readers. Like about demons, for instance. I mentioned in yesterday’s post that most of us would see schizophrenia where Jesus saw a legion of demons. That discomfited a couple readers, and caused a couple more to shout, “Heresy!”

It's always a little surprising, when Emergents raise their voices in support of heretical ideas, and then act all surprised when people call them heretics for it. One would think they would realize they are being heretics. At least if you're Spencer Burke, you acknowledge it and wallow in it.

But, back on topic. Jones is quite taken with the idea that Jesus was wrong! Oh, that poor ignorant Son of God. I'd hate to think what Jones thinks of the accounts of Satan himself tempting Jesus.

And one other little excerpt from the post.

What I’m not saying is that God could not work in this way. What I’m saying is that she doesn’t.

But don't worry, Mr. Jones. You may not believe in demons, but they sure do believe in you.

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