Monday, April 11, 2011

is it wrong to hope he gets audited?

My Letter to the IRS: ‘I Reserve the Right Not to Kill’

Shane Claiborne is not paying his taxes, well, not all of them. Yep, while we conservatives have to pay for the liberal's nanny state, abortion, perverted art, and a failed public education system, not to mention continue to hear the liberal's demands to increase taxes even more, they seem to think they reserve the right to NOT pay for what they disagree with.

For this reason, I am enclosing a check for $227.11, which is, according to the form, 70 percent of what I owe. The remaining $97.33 represents 30 percent of my tax payment, the amount that would go toward military spending. I will donate this remaining 30 percent to a recognized U.S. nonprofit organization working to bring peace and reconciliation. My faith also compels me to submit to the governing authorities, which is why I am writing you respectfully and transparently here. I am glad to discuss this further if you have any questions.

Hey, Claiborne, I got a solution for you...EMIGRATE!!! Leave the country you hate so much, that does so many things you despise and can't support. I'm sure there's someplace out there that would more than welcome you.


Jim W said...

I posted on that post that I want my taxes withheld from Planned Parenthood. If Shaine's against killing, he should be against PP. However, we know he isn't. Making war to protect our country and its citizens is wrong, but killing innocent children in the womb is OK-according to the likes of Claiborne. How utterly childish these Sojourners are!

jazzact13 said...

Abortion is a good issue. For all that Sojo and a few other 'progressive' christian go on about life, they seem to want to distance themselves from abortion. That fact that our current president was not only pro-abortion but also supported the killing of children after birth did not keep Sojo from backing him, and from continuing to back him even now.

What I think Claiborne's position would be is much like what Caputo puts forth--abortion is bad but it's worse than not having abortion, and if you want to get rid of abortion, you need to support an extreme form of the cradle-to-grave nanny state. You can find a bit on that here.

That's speculation, of course, but Caputo is one of the philosophical stars by which progressives and emergents guide themselves.