Tuesday, June 7, 2011

permissive intolerence

Emergent and progressive types are having a big shin-dig soon, called the Wild Goose Festival. WGF also has a blog, where one may comment, and even have one's comments kept on if they meet with approval.

So far, I've had two deleted. Both on one particular topic.

A few years ago, a certain 'christian' music artist named Jennifer Knapp came out of the closet, so to speak, revealing that is a practicing homosexual and that she think it's ok. Given the emergent and progressive types who make up the powers-that-be at WG, one can see how well she would fit in and her sexually perverse practices find acceptance.

Their blogs mentions her coming, with no small amount of pride.

Announcing Jennifer Knapp!

This entry has several comments, most of the types that express happiness that she will be performing. I've left four comments there so far, two of which point out how unbiblical her sexual practices are, one of which quotes several verses from Romans 1 and points out how WG is among those who encourage those acts that God is against. The other two (one posted only a few minutes ago) remarking on how such commments are being deleted.

So, once again, we see how these kinds of people, for all of their talk about how all opinions are welcomed and respected and all views may be expressed, are really just practitioners of permissive intolerance--only the approved opinions need expect a hearing, and the echo chamber will allow no dissent. All disapproved opinions, even God's, will not be tolerated, but those who openly practice sin and encourage others to do so, well, they're voice is welcomed.

You may, of course, have your own opinion, but please, keep it to yourself.


Anonymous said...

isn't this entire blog "your opinion". How contradictory that you would "judge", how are you any better than your God to do so?

jazzact13 said...

--isn't this entire blog "your opinion".

Interesting question. I try to supply Scriptural support for what I say and believe.

--How contradictory that you would "judge",

Not sure what you mean by that. How is it contradicting anything that I say that Knapp's sexual practices are immoral and wrong, and that Wild Goose is wrong in setting her up as an example to be followed?

--how are you any better than your God to do so?

I'm not better than my God. I, like all humanity, have sinned, and fallen far short of God's glory. That is why I try to look to what God has revealed in Scripture so that I can understand better what is right and wrong, rather than creating standards of right and wrong from whole clothe in my own head.

That is also why I look to Christ's sacrificial death for my sins, so that I may be forgiven for those sins that so greatly displease God.

Anonymous said...

I'm volunteering at the Wild Goose, I'm very curious of reactions I may get when I bring up Calvinism and inerrancy... and that I believe it.

jazzact13 said...


Would I be accurate in thinking that the reactions you've received from those associated with WG have been, at best, ones in which the people you've mentioned it to have been puzzled that you would work as a volunteer for WG? May I ask, as well, if you knew much about WG before you volunteered?

So far as I can tell, much of what will be taught at WG stands very much in opposition to things like Calvinism and the idea of biblical inerrancy. I have some familiarity with many of the writings of some of the WG speakers, and have commented on things they have written here. They are not friends of Calvinism at all.

And concerning biblical inerrancy, they have no place for it. They seem to be following the paths of progressive theologians like Marcus Borg and Dominic Crossan, where, for example, most of what is in the Gospels are things made up by the early church.

Here is something one of the speakers, Brian McLaren, wrote about reading the Bible. I've only flashed through it, and could probably do with a more careful examination of it, but it may help you see what he thinks of Scripture. And he is one of the big leaders, one of the biggest names.


Have you encountered the argument that you may be practicing "biblidolatry"? Some emergents have put forward this argument, that those who believe in things like the inerrancy and infallibility of Scripture are making the Bible an idol.

Probably the best thing you can do is to do some research into WG. Since you seem to have some internet acces, go to their website. It's here...


There are lots of speakers, I know, but it may help if you looked up some info on some of them. That may help you get an idea of the tone you'll be likely to find when the festival begins, the types of ideas they'll be pushing, the things they'll be teaching.

I hope this has been helpful. If you have any other questions, please let me know, and I'll do the best I can to help you find answers.