Tuesday, September 13, 2011

but he already said that

Mark (Anderson/Andersen/something like that) shared from his encounter with God, and he began to help us see what God was doing throughout the earth. And he told us that a time is coming when believers are coming together, in many cities throughout the world, believers in Jesus, every one of them with the person of the Holy Spirit who is in them, gathered in a building to consider the business of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. And together, they will ask, how do we bring your kingdom to every place our foot will tread. Now here's the thing, At that gathering, when we come from every church, different denominations, different cultures, differenet experiences of God, what unites us? Who unites us? And in that moment I believe Jesus is going to speak. Every time that session convenes, just as we are gathered right now, there will be a Great Commission call, but not from any human being, from Jesus. From Jesus. And they will hear, you will hear, "All authority on heaven and earth has been given to me, and I commission you to go, but wait, wait, wait, remember the Holy Spirit, remember the Holy Spirit. I won't leave you alone, but it's the Spirit of God who is with you, and he will make everything that is of me available to you."
Maureen Menard, Holy Spirit part 1, Celebrate Asia U of N Workshop, roughly 10 minutes in

So, let me get this straight...

This guy (not Menard, she's telling what Anderson said) says that believers in Jesus are going to gather together, and have these meetings, in buildings, about spiritual stuff. Menard throws in her $.02 worth, too, saying that the people at those gatherings will get a Great Commission call, apparently from Jesus Himself. She even gives the kind of message Jesus is going to give to them.

Now, I listen to all that, and I think "Couldn't they just read the Book, and get that same message?"

As humorous as that seems to me, it shows a decided shallow outlook on the part of this lady. People have to hear Jesus Himself say those words in order to actually do them? Jesus has already said them, those words are recorded in the Bible, why do we need to have them repeated?

There is nothing profound here, no matter in how many exclamation points this woman speaks, and she does seem to speak in them all the time in this truly gargantuan lecture. But this statement is closer to asinine than profound. Her Jesus that speaks today doesn't say anything that those people couldn't read very well in the Bibles they would hopefully have close at hand. Those people don't need to gather together in order to know that Jesus has commissioned them to take the Gospel to the world.

Jesus has already spoken. Why do they need Him to say again the things He's already said?

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