Saturday, September 24, 2011

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Voices from the Web (and World): Responses to the Troy Davis Execution

Sojo has been up in arms, so to speak, over the legal execution of a man who killed a police officer. After scouring the web for views that support their views, they found a few that were against them. One was this.

“HOLD THE PICKLE, HOLD THE LETTUCE. FRYING KILLERS WON’T UPSET US.” — Conservative pundit and self-described “mean Christian” Ann Coulter via Twitter

Ok, probably not the way I would have expressed it, either, though I'm not sad that a cop killer got justice. But considering that her quote here reads a lot like the rather simplistic chants that those on the left like to use when they're out causing problems, though lacking the profanities too many of them like to use, I do wonder how much of a right Sojrones have to express distaste.

But if they had wanted to give a little more depth to Coulter's views (which I doubt they did), they could have taken some things for one of her articles about the crime. Which I'll do here.

Cop Killer Troy Davis Is Media's Latest Baby Seal

The bulk of the eyewitness testimony established the following:

Two tall, young black men were harassing a vagrant in the Burger King parking lot, one in a yellow shirt and the other in a white Batman shirt. The one in the white shirt used a brown revolver to pistol-whip the vagrant. When a cop yelled at them to stop, the man in the white shirt ran, then wheeled around and shot the cop, walked over to his body and shot him again, smiling.

Some eyewitnesses described the shooter as wearing a white shirt, some said it was a white shirt with writing, and some identified it specifically as a white Batman shirt. Not one witness said the man in the yellow shirt pistol-whipped the vagrant or shot the cop.

Several of Davis' friends testified -- without recantation -- that he was the one in a white shirt. Several eyewitnesses, both acquaintances and strangers, specifically identified Davis as the one who shot Officer MacPhail.

I'm quite willing to admit that Coulter's Twitter remark was a bit much for my taste, and probably crossed lines, but whatever else may be thought of her Twitter comment, her views were hardly as simplistic as Sojo tried to portray. Perhaps they should have dealt with her article linked to above? Maybe taken some excerpts from it to add along with the other, more liberal ones they had?

And, perhaps Sojo can join in protesting some other distasteful Tweets?

‘Go Give Someone a Pedicure Chink’: Alec Baldwin Fans Attack Michelle Malkin Over Davis Execution

I'll not hold my breath on that, though. After all, they never get up in arms when conservative women are attacked in their favorite commentary shows, why start now.

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