Sunday, February 12, 2012

the new emergent village doubles down on heresy

I remember mentioning once that the old Emergent Village was pretty much dead. In fact, visiting the old site a day or so ago, I saw that it is not very much dead.

Sadly, there is zombie of sorts out there, and if anything, it's doubling down on the heresies that marked the old site. One of their contributors now is Michael Dowd, who believes more in evolution than God of the Bible. Every one of his teachings is the rawest of blasphemy, as you can see here...

Idolatry of the Written Word

Biblical literalists who pick and choose which passages to preach and which to studiously ignore are thus faced with a nagging inconsistency. The way forward, I suggest, for all Christians—liberals as well as moderates and conservatives—is to join this crusade against idolatry of the written word as we embark together on the cross-cultural enterprise of interpreting our evolving world as best we know it today

Meaning, time to put aside the Bible, peoples (Dowd's own books, though, you can keep close at hand, along with all the other books he recommends in another post at the new EV).

Ultimately, the temptation of converting fluid stories and interpretations of stories into dead-end scripture and creed makes it nearly impossible for God/Reality to continue to suggest the kinds of functional modifications that our ancestors consistently sensed and assimilated

So, Scripture and creeds not only are not of God, but they handicap this God/Reality he worships (actually just himself in pseudo-divine make-up).

What this is is, simply, the elevation of mankind, the worship of us, the divination of ourselves. We do bow to God, because we are so full of ourselves and our cleverness and evolution.

So, yeah, the emergents are out there still, they haven't repented of their milder heresies, but are throwing themselves deeper into the cesspool, relishing the filth they are bathing in. It would be amusing if it weren't so sad, and if there weren't people being drug down with them.


Jim W said...

I've seen this idiot's babblings earlier and tried to get him to clarify some things, i.e. what he thinks the cross means/what it accomplished, since he has said he believes in the cross and what it means. In usual emergent-speak, he didn't say anything, but used several hundred words to not say it. So, I called him a fool and moved on.

jazzact13 said...

Chris Rosebrough did a review of a 'sermon' Dowd did at the former church that now calls itself C3 Exchange. You can find it here.

I think it is one of the most evil things I've ever heard.