Saturday, April 7, 2012

the esther guilt trip

Urgent Message from Lou Engle

I want to take this opportunity to bear my heart with you all, friends and partners of TheCall. In just a couple of weeks we are holding TheEstherCall on Good Friday to pray for an undeserved mercy in America, the rescuing of our children and healing of women. When Esther fasted and prayed it had life and death urgency to it. The sound of that urgency today and particularly for TheEstherCall has not yet been recognized. Our registration is low, and that could be due to it being Good Friday, Easter weekend and that it is a call to women alone, except for the 2,000“Mordecais” we are calling to pray alongside the women

Yes, people (especially you women), feel GUILTY because you don't want to travel to wherever this event is (was) happening!! How DARE you NOT come!! You want to be with your own families for Good Friday? Do things at your OWN church? The SHAME, the DISGRACE!!

(Plus, if you don't show up and buy tickets, how is Engle going to have enough money to pay for the next big meaningless gathering, not to mention what is he going to brag about on his website, so that people can think that he's doing something big and grand and, on the off-chance, godly?)

On Good Friday, the Esthers will apply the blood of Jesus to the doorposts of our national guilt and pray for mercy in the nation.

The guilt trip was bad enough, but this is just blasphemous. We do not apply the blood of Jesus to anything, and to suggest that we do is sickening.

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