Friday, May 11, 2012

be sure to have the right kinds of prayer stakes

Ok, so, you're in a city. Not just any city, but a capital city. And not just any capital city, but a "major capital of the world"! Sorry, but your little podunk county seat is just not so important.

So, let's assume that you, for whatever reason, want to leave a prayer stake somewhere in that city. I'm not sure why you would, as the Bible says nothing about prayer stakes, and it certainly seems like a rather bizarre practice, but...whatever, you want to.

But do you have a special capital city prayer stake?

Revival Run_27,000 Paryer Stakes Later

Finally …the big one .
3) To see every major capital of the world experience a Revival Run and be prayer staked. In total there are 196, that’s 196 opportunities for people to literally be the adventure and pray for a global move of God…C’mon.
We are making special capital city prayer stakes to give to anyone who is going to those places….it would be amazing.
This may not happen in a year but it could be amazing!

So, you'd best not be leaving any little prayer stake that you would leave in any little backroads city in your travels. No, you'd better use a special capital city prayer stake for those capital cities. God may listen to you if you use a puny old common prayer stake, but using a special stake will push your prayers to the front of the line.


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