Monday, June 29, 2009

oozing down the slippery slope

I don't know if they've done it before, but if not, the emergent mag site The Ooze has put out an article in favor of the postmodern redefinition of marriage, with the usual parade of whining nonsense contained in it.

Marriage for the Masses

It’s important that we begin to realize that not every marriage is be a cookie cutter and that we, as Christians (whether we believe that we hold all absolute truth or not) do not have the right to condemn a person based on their lifestyle choices.

But apparently we can condemn others for thinking differently, right? Especially if they believe in things like right and wrong, and base those beliefs on what the Bible teaches?

Let’s stop fighting for oppression.

Like I said, whining nonsense. Apparently, one if 'oppressive' if one doesn't give in to the sob stories liberals (and now emergents, assuming emergents are any different now) put out.

How is that, in any way, showing the love of the one who came to this earth to love all people, eat with the worst of us and buy us with tremendous sacrifice?

Yeah, Jesus wasn't really against the woman found in adultery doing what she was doing. He didn't tell her to stop doing that sin. He just wanted to have a cup of jo with her, and talk about how accepting he was of her lifestyle of cheating on her husband.

It is time to be about the ministry of reconciliation. We cannot demand that homosexuals live up to some “undisputed standard” when we fail to live up such standards.

We all know that we do not "live up to some "undisputed standard"" (whatever that is). We all know that we have sinned. We ask nothing of anyone that we have not done ourselves--repent and put your faith in Christ, and live no longer in sin.

Wait a bit longer, and soon the oozers will take the next steps. What will that be? Supporting groups like NAMBLA and their disgusting evil? Sojo has already had an article the clearly supported pre-marital sex.

Perhaps the final outcome of their attempts to do away with the secular/sacred divide is that there is nothing sacred in their eyes.

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