Monday, March 15, 2010

an oh ode to ankoc

('ankoc', btw, is the initials of A New Kind of Christianity, just to clarify)

Oh, to be among the enlightened ones, the advanced one, the ascended masters!!

Oh, to be among those who have advanced so far in humility that you know how far you have advanced over the common rabble, to know when to Fall is really to ascend, to know that we who have never seen the face of God (or gods, or the universe) may look with supreme pity on he who gave God a meal at his tent, or he who talked with God as a friend talks to a friend.

Oh, to be counted among those fortunate few, who can gaze upon the sacred words of the prophets of old, and determine that they really didn't mean what they said. Oh, to be able to see that when the prophets of old said that God would do something, they really meant that man would do it. Oh, to know that when the prophets of old spoke of a coming time when men would be full of vitality past the age of 100, they really meant that we who live now should pass Obamacare. What sublime prophetic ability, for those of thousands of years in the past to use such an outlandish notion as people living so long, to speak specifically to us today to follow the agenda of the enlighened ones!

Oh, to know that to read the Bible as a Jew means that one does not read the Bible as Jews of old. Oh, to see that the Law was not a constitution, though the Jew of old thought that it was very like one. Oh, to see that we have advanced so far! God gave Israel the Law and the Prophets, and did not ask a by-your-leave to do so, yet we today have advanced to the point where we may talk with each other, determine what is revelation, and so determine for ourselves "Hath God really said?"

For the moment, that is my last word, so I'll let someone else provide the word after that.

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