Monday, March 1, 2010

what healed them?

A bit ago, I wrote some entries concerning a TheOoze article about "Theology After Google". The author of that article is part of a website called Transforming Theology. To give you an idea of what they consider good thinking, one may consider this.

Progressive Healing?

I believe that the progressive Christian vision is quite receptive to the non-supernatural understandings of Jesus’ healing ministry and our ability to share in God’s aim at healing and wholeness of mind, body, spirit, and relationships in our time.

These people are essentially anti-supernatural--for some reason, they think they are quite smart enough to say that God is not able to interfere in the natural world, to for example use His Divine power to heal people. Instead, they have to put forth the idea that somehow the healings in Scripture are some kinds of tricks involving, well, read on...

From this perspective, we can affirm and go beyond Crossan’s sociological understanding of healing. As a result of the intimate relationship of Jesus to the divine (Jesus as living fully in the dynamic divine-human call and response, in which God calls and we respond and we call and God responds), Jesus “mediated” the divine energy of the universe in superlative ways; Jesus awakened persons to their own healing powers and opened them to God’s healing touch; and Jesus invited persons to become actors rather than victims in responding to illness.

The divine energy of the universe? Their own healing powers? Good luck finding that in the Gospels, or in anything Jesus said.

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