Tuesday, July 12, 2011


So, now, in their never-ending quest to stick their noses into people's lives, the Sojrones are venturing into our bathrooms and behind the shower curtains.

How Long Do You Spend in the Shower?

According to an article at GreenBiz.com, the company Unilever’s push toward sustainability encountered a major obstacle in changing people’s habits: the amount of time folks took to take a shower. Many of us not only shower too frequently (there is evidence that suggests that daily showers are not always good for us), but many of us also spend far too long in the shower.

Yeah, we need to shower less. Strange, though, that the same people who say we should shower less are also the ones who are oh-so-big on community, bringing people together, all of them into one big stinking mess.

Well, at least the stinking part may happen. Share the wealth of odor, everyone!

So my question for you — how long do you spend in the shower, and do you think it matters?

Umm...let's see...

None of your business.
Only in regards to the water bill.
There, Sojrone, happy?

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