Wednesday, July 27, 2011

the problem is debt, so let's make more?

So, as one may expect, the Sojrones are coming out in force in regards to the big debate over raising the US debt ceiling. No more than one try, though, when it comes to what their position is.

This isn't the first they've written about it, but it's an interesting article. Edited because I saw that I had left out the link.

...Boehner said, “You know I’ve always believed the bigger the government, the smaller the people.”

What does this mean? The government is composed of the people, and if people are paying attention and voting according to their own interests, the government ought to work toward the happiness of the people. The problem is that too many Americans have bought into this conceptual error that the government is some kind of leviathan, a monster that exists to take away their liberties. This is nonsense..., it's not. At least, in regards to how the government is being run now.

Her conceptual problem is when she says that government "ought to work toward the happiness of the people". One of the basic statements concerning the founding of the US is that people have the right to pursue happiness. It is not the job of government to insure that they attain it, only that they be given the freedom to do so within the bounds of the law.

Let us be clear: The debt ceiling crisis is purely artificial. The problem of the debt is real, but it is not the most pressing crisis at the moment. The most pressing crisis is jobs.

I half-agree with the writer that "a" pressing crisis is jobs. But if the problem of debt is real, than the problem of the debt ceiling crisis is also real. And I would contend that it and the things attached to attempts to solve it are the problem.

Taxes, for example. If jobs are one big part of the crisis, then upon what basis are we to assume that taking more money from those who provide jobs will result in more jobs? If person X runs a business, and what he makes from that business is taxed even higher, upon what basis is he going to want to hire people, increase his workforce, or maybe expand his business? Would it not be more likely that he will try to decrease his work force, maybe have them work fewer hours and so pay them less, raise prices so that he can afford to keep them hired, or even shut down the business because it's just not profitable or profitable enough?

The problem with the recovery act for progressives such as me is that it was too small.

And here we have the problem summed up quite succintly. More government spending MOREMOREMOREBIGGERBIGGERBIGGERGIMMEGIMMEGIMME!!!!!! Take from those nasty rich people the give it to me NOW!!! Don't make me work for it, don't make me pay for it, don't make me do anything for it!!!

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