Thursday, October 27, 2011

generation brats does not respect

Here's the deal--for the cause of their "greater good" or whatever they choose to call their agenda, the folks of Generation Brats will not let things like respect of private property, access to things like parks and shopping malls, and of course the ability to drive down the road get in their way. This is true for the religious side of Generation Brats as well, if not more so, since they can cloak their brattiness in spiritual garb.

Prayer and Meditation Flash Mob Upsets Officers

A group of occupiers and flash-mobbers in Salt Lake City organized an impromptu gathering in which protesters sat outside of the Gateway shopping mall in silent meditation and prayer. As you can see from this video, the mall officers weren’t too keen on the idea.

So, yes, never mind Christ's teachings about going to a private place, so that you don't do your praying for public show. Why, if you can do it for show, protest capitalism and shopping malls, and tick off mall security, you will get mega-brownie-points in heaven/nirvana/pick your afterlife destination. Not sure where that is in the Bible or whatever supposedly sacred text you choose, but hey, I'm sure Sojo can dig it up somewhere. It may be in Rules for Radicals, for all I know, a sacred text indeed among such, I would suppose.

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