Saturday, October 22, 2011


One of the most frustrating things about Charismatics today is the sheer amount of vapid nonsense they not only swallow whole-cloth, but attribute to the Holy Spirit and claim to have had revealed to them. Case in point...

Redeemed Students Pray: Kentucky to Texas, USA

As I crossed the border from Ohio to Kentucky, the Kentucky state sign jumped out at me. It had a picture of a horse and read "Unbridled Spirit." The Lord spoke to me in that moment… I knew that the spirit of religion had bound up the Holy Spirit in the state of Kentucky. I knew that the Lord wanted to unbridle the Holy Spirit to run free across the state. A timely realization as I was on my way to the first ever gathering of students and campus leaders who felt called to see a movement of prayer sweep Kentucky.

Wow. All that, from the sign greeting people as they cross into the state.

Nonsense. I'm going to say this...the Lord didn't speak a thing to her from that sign.

First, what is this "spirit of religion", and how is it strong enough it "bound up the Holy Spirit"? Considering that the Holy Spirit is God, by definition nothing is strong enough to bind Him; thus, the notion that anything like a "spirit of religion" has the Holy Spirit bound up is nonsense.

Second, what does it mean for the Holy Spirit to "run free across the state"? Really, what on Earth does that mean? It sounds spiritual, no doubt, but it's essentially meaningless.

And, third, doesn't it strike one as ...interesing, that the paragraph ends with a little plug for herself, people like her, and the things she and they are trying to do? Like, maybe those thing are the things that end up someone unbounding the Holy Spirit from the spirit of religion, so that it could run free, or whatever?

And what would this spirit running free look like?

I looked across at David, who was a student at Eastern Kentucky University last year. He's a brilliant percussionist whose life got wrecked by Jesus this last year. Since September he's lived in his car with the legend known as Curt, traveling around the nation, praying on campuses, leading worship, and preaching the gospel.

So, for one thing, I guess it means a life that could have been spent following the biblical command to live quietly and work, which a percussionists sure could do in his musical trade, is now spent living in his car. May we ask how he and this "legend known as Curt" make their living; you know, get food, get gas money, and the like?

I looked across at Chris, who graduated from the University of Kentucky a few years ago, and Jordan, who is a student at Eastern Kentucky University. Both of these guys have been experiencing more and more of God’s transformative power in their lives recently and spent spring break down in Florida loving on college students with the gospel.

Wow, Spring Break ministries. That's new...

Oh, wait, it's not. College ministries have done it, or an excuse for it, for years. I know of college groups that have gone to places like Hilton Head and Panama City Beach during Spring Break to minister, such as it was. I'll give them credit for trying, and even some success, though also some things done were a bit iffy, too.

Methinks this woman is not so informed. She really should try to find God's Word in more sure places than, say, roadside signs. Like, maybe, the Bible.

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