Wednesday, October 5, 2011

now Rush is right, too

Last week, Sojo got a bit miffed when they took a statement by Limbaugh, one that Media Matters of course took out of context, and put it on their site.

On his radio show today (9/27), Rush Limbaugh ranted against … wait for it … COMPASSION. “If i had to say one word that has had the most disastrous effect on the advancement of everybody in this culture, that word would be ‘compassion.’ “The crap that has been done in the name of compassion in this country has robbed people of their dignity, of their chance, or their opportunity at their own greatness, and using their own ambition and desire. It has taken it from them,” Limbaugh said. Really. He did. Out loud. Listen for yourself (via MediaMatters):

And today, they prove Rush right.

WARNING: No Compassion. Proceed with Caution.

Compassion, he says “is the thing that holds society together,” and what our society is sorely lacking.


Because it “brings the powerful down to the level of the weak,” Sachs says. There is no room for compassion in an economy where “everything is for the top,” he says.

This is rather telling. "Compassion", how people like the Sojrones define it, isn't about helping people up, helping them stand on their own, helping them not be dependent on some kind of all-benevolent government; rather, it's about taking people down, making everything level, no blade of grass rises higher than any other.

Socialism--the equal distribution of poverty.

Where is the compassion in our economy and our politics? It says much of the economic system that Sojourners even needs to campaign for a “moral budget.” How do we, as Christians, challenge structures that allow billions of dollars to be wasted via tax loopholes while 1 in 6 Americans live in poverty?

Umm...all it says is that Sojo wanted a name for their campaign, and that is the one they chose. A campaign, btw, that seems to have less to do with morality than with making sure people continue to be dependent on government handouts.

And, as one commentor to this entry said, how is the fact that people keep more of the money they themsselves earn "wasted"? Only if one thinks it should be taken by the government is it in any way wasted.

So, Sojo proves that Rush is right, that their definition of "compassion" really is the thing that robs people of dignity, incentive, the desire to better themselves, and makes them dependent, helpless, and most of all, liberal.

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