Saturday, January 21, 2012

chandler's sermon

I've listened to this sermon a couple of times, and it's solid. Not that such events as Code Orange are big on my radar, I'm just not into the whole "going where God's doing something" thing, and overall such events seem to be more about the church or organization than anything else, more about boosting egos than anything godly.

After listening to all or parts of some of the 'sermons' at this Code Orange event, I'm pretty well convinced that this whole thing is an ego trip. And the fact that this one sermon of Chandler's, which has some elements of rebuke to how the church and its pastor misuses Scriptre, was not replayed at it's scheduled replay times tells me that Chandler burned some egos instead of coddling them. And considering how much fawning sycophantic praise some of the latter 'preachers' have heaped on the church and its pastor, this event is less about godly revival than a meeting of the mutual admiration society.

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