Saturday, January 7, 2012

what an event, sorry you missed it

Wow, this must have been about like Y2K, only without all the press coverage and panic.

A Buzz Is In the Air…

I’m not sure if anyone else feels it but my spirit is EXPLODING over the global outcry of worship that will take place in just five days from today! But after many revelations, dreams and words from so many people….11.11.11 is finally almost here! It is so much more than another meeting, conference or initiative, but the culmination of the longing heart of God to be invited once again back restoring Edenic communion to humanity!

Oh, wow. So, two months ago, simply because the date read 11-11-11, we not only the release of the movie Immortals (haven't seen it, can't comment on it), but we also have a poor forlorn God finally get "once again back restoring Edenic communion to humanity!"

Yeah, I'm so glad that god can stop feeling like he's not invited to the party. He must hate gate-crashing so much.

So, God has now restored Edenic communion? Really? Pray tell, where?

Oh, no doubt you can find people running around in the woods wearing only a smile, but if you'll excuse me, I'll keep my distance from them.

On 11.11.11, we are partnering with many organizations, houses of prayer, churches, movements across the globe to launch the GLOBAL DAY OF WORSHIP ( and mobilizing literally hundreds of thousands of 24 hour Burn gatherings across the globe! Every major city all at one time releasing their voice, sound and burning hearts of extravagant love to JESUS! WHOAAAA!!! Just the thought of it overwhelms and fills me with endless expectation of what God will in response to this widespread BLAST of affection!

Hmmmmm. So, anyone else out there not hear about this? Anyone else not notice the people doing this day of worship? Anyone else underwhelmed by what is suppose to have happened.

Anyone else look at the blog, and see that he makes little mention of it? He has one post that had a live stream, but that's about it. And the Global Day of Worship website itself seems to have little to say about the event. But they're already pushing the 12-12-12 event, because, hey, when the day, month, and year all have the same number (even though the year is actually 2012) it must mean something.

At least, that's what the Mayans calendar says. Or their alien overlords.

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