Saturday, May 5, 2012

james goll outs himself as a false prophet

There are times when the truth is simply as plain as can be, and one wonders how even the person involved cannot see it. In his book "God Encounters", James Goll absolutely states, without any attempt to hide it, that he is a false prophet. More than that, the spirit that he says gave him this supposed prophecy is a liar, which means it certainly isn't the Holy Spirit.

In my dream, I saw a ticker-tape clock, with a digital-type readout indicating the number "2600." Then, I heard someone say, "When Wall Street hits `2600,' this is the demarcation. Count 40 days after." I also saw the words, "nervous frenzy." I wasn't quite sure what to do with the dream, but I thought it was interesting and filed it away. Occasionally, I quizzed the Holy Spirit and prayed over the revelation.

James W. Goll;Michal Ann Goll. God Encounters: The Prophetic Power Of The Supernatural To Change Your Life (Kindle Locations 1296-1298). Kindle Edition.

Ok, so, James Goll has this dream, which he says is prophetic. Although specific time references are few in this account, at one point earlier he mentions 1986. He then tells about meeting several people and going to New York City. He gives no time for when he had this dream, only that he had been to NYC several times before but had never been to Wall Street.

One day in August, the four of us had already spent five hours praying at the Ukrainian church when we traveled to some key spots in New York City to "pray on site with insight:'

(Kindle Locations 1302-1303)

I'm not sure at what time they started that five-hour prayer session, but it must have been very early to have done that, then travel to several different sites in NYC and do their praying. I'll show why in a moment. He doesn't really say all the places they went, but he mentions Federation Hall, though from his language they may or may not have gone other places before that, and then to the Episcopal church where Washington went after his inauguration. He and those with him returned to Federation Hall, and Goll told them about this dream, and that he wanted to go to Wall Street. He and some of the others went.

If you want to read the book, you can read about the things they did there. Frankly, the most miraculous thing about it all is that they didn't get arrested, assuming the story is true. Here's the part I want to point out, the part the makes Goll and his spirit dream-giver liars.

This brought to mind the Word of the Lord: "When Wall Street hits 2600, this is a demarcation. Count 40 days after." Not only did the digital clock hit its mark from the dream, but Wall Street trading also reached the unprecedented 2600 mark that very moment. Exactly 40 days later, the stock market crashed 508 points in a single trading day, which sent shock waves and a "nervous frenzy" throughout the United States and all over the world.

(Kindle Locations 1331-1333).

So, we have a time marker for when Goll and his companions were on Wall Street, some August. In doing some research, I learned that the Dow Jones topped 2600 for the first time on Monday, August 10th, 1987.

Now, Goll says that exactly 40 days later, the stock market crashed 508 points. Now, there was a day that the stock market did crash like that. It's called "Black Monday", and it was Monday, October 19th, 1987. That day is over two months after August 10th of that same years; in fact, it's 70 days after it. The only way to get 40 days from the two dates is if for some most bizarre reason the entire month of September, which has 30 days, didn't happen in 1987.

Sorry, but when the timeline for your prophecy requires the complete disregarding of a complete month, your timelines is probably bad. So is the prophecy.

Now, about their actions that day, remember to keep in mind--they've already had the 5 hour prayer session, and they've travelled to at least two different places, and returned to one. And I'm betting their times praying at those places were hardly short times--these people seem to think that making long prayers is very spiritual.

At the very moment I prayed and released "the arrow of the Spirit," the digital clock flipped to 1:26- only this clock also displays seconds. So the digital clock on Wall Street's trading floor hit exactly "1:26:00" just as I and my companions prayed.

(Kindle Locations 1329-1331)

I'll let you find out for yourself what is meant by "the arrow of the Spirit", as's one reason I'm surprised they weren't arrested, or at least firmly led to the door. I want to point out that, in this account, this happened at about 1:30 in the afternoon.

Granted, there are people who can do quite a bit by the time 1:30 in the afternoon rolls around. But, between you and me and anyone else who cares to read this (hello, Mr. Goll), I think they would have been better adviced to have slept. Oh, not until 1:30, of course, but until a decent hour.

Another thing of interest here. In his dream, he sees what he calls a digital ticker-tape clock with th number 2600 on it. He claims that when the clock in the Stock Market hit 1:26:00, that this was when that clock hit the mark in the dream. Which is silly. I'm betting that every day, in fact probably twice a day, the clock would hit 1:26:00, once in the afternoon and once in the early morning.

At any rate, Mr. Goll, you've been found out now, and I do indeed stand by the position that you are a false prophet (and you're bad at math, too), and the spirit that gave you this dream is a liar. I name you as a false prophet, one that we should not listen to, one that should be silent. You have lost all authority you may think you have over anyone by this false prophecy. Please, kindly step down from any ministry position you have, as you have shown yourself unfit for it. Offer public repentance for your false teachings. Find counseling, preferably outside of the NAR cohorts you have around you. No, not preferably, absolutely outside of it, because we see how their counsel works with regards to men like Todd Bentley, who both before and after his fall had no business being in the pulpit at all.

Until you do so, I call on others to reject your teachings and your prophetic words, because by the testimony of your own words you are a false prophet.


Anonymous said...

I heard James Goll speak this month. Whether he is a real prophet or not I cannot tell; but I can tell you I sensed a spirit of pride in the man. I have never heard an evangelist so full of himself in a most braggadocious way. He was also theatrical and I felt manipulated the audience like a cheap Shakesperian actor. Was not impressed, nor moved.

Autumn Eyles said...

When my children say something is wrong, I believe them. I was not moved either and couldn't understand everyone getting into the phoniness. It was like folks were too scared to not join in it, they were on tip toes waiting for an Experience. My teen and I could see the performing and were very very uncomfortable. Why do folks buy into this stuff so easily? Afterward everybody was raving about how great it was. They were High and lost. We just ran out. I just can't play the game so I can be part of the crowd.