Monday, May 28, 2012

more rotten fruit

I will warn you, if you choose to watch this video, it is more than a little disturbing.

It's sad that this is where we are now. Godly living and character and sound doctrine are of little to no consequence, despite the occasional verbal bone thrown to them to give a surface appearance of orthodoxy; instead, what we have now is a pursuit of "manifestations", suppose spiritual things that the Bible says nothing about unless it is to condemn them. And some ignorant little girl can get on stage, twitch and spasm and talk about giving some 'sermon' that isn't even about the Bible, and be not accepted but encouraged to continue in this madness.

Let's go ahead and call Bickle's IHOP what it is--a cult. There is nothing godly here. There is nothing of any worth here. God is not in these spasmatic manifestation, God has not part in being "drunk in the spirit" or "slain in the spirit".

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Dave Jackson said...

Reminds me of Crash Test Dummies mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm