Friday, July 25, 2008

make truth 'supposed'

So any attempt to talk about God being close, involved, and integrated with humanity smacks of taking the deity right out of God, of turning God into little more than a really great guy. As if that weren't enough, the language of integration also brings with it concerns of glorifying humanity, of ignoring our supposed filth and sin and brokenness that goes along with the idea of the pure, unsullied God. Perhaps that's why Christians tend to get a little weirded out by the suggestion that God might be something other than up and out.
Doug Pagitt, A Christianity Worth Believing, p. 108

I like the phrase "supposed filth and sin and brokenness", as if man's state of original sin and fallenness are not among the most blindingly obvious things in Creation, not to mention something the Bible tells us about a good bit. Thus, if Pagitt wishes to assign the word "supposed" to this doctrine, then there is really little left to say--he's playing to the crowds, letting the age have his head.

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