Wednesday, July 16, 2008

t-shirt lack-of-theology

Journey doesn't have an "official statement" about homosexuality, but there's obviously enough freedom in the community for Courtney to wear her beliefs on her shirt.

Courtney's shirt.
Straight Chrisitians for Gay Rights
(My Bible Teaches Social Justice)

Tony Jones, The New Christians, pp. 198, 197

Umm, my Bible teaches homosexuality is wrong and very much against God's will. Funny, I don't recall the words "social justice" being in it anywhere. And when it does mention justice, it doesn't mean legalizing immorality

In regards to this non-decision concerning homosexuality, I agree with what Mark Driscoll said at the Convergence Conference, "A huge percentage of the people who attend my church have all kinds of sexual sin, including bisexuality and homosexuality, and no answer is an answer. An inability or unwillingness to answer the question is in and of itself, by virtue of silence, permission."

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