Tuesday, November 24, 2009

accepting mclarin's challenge

Discernment websites ...

Since McLaren has issued this challenge, I hope that he has a way of finding out about this response, and responding in turn.

I wonder if some of the "discernment websites" that enjoy featuring and critiquing the work of many of my friends and me would be willing to host some discussion on this bill currently proposed in the Ugandan parliament.

I'd be interested in reading whether participants in those blogs agree with the Ugandan bill, and if not, why not. (Details after the jump)

Here's what McLaren gives as details.

Andrew Marin gives an excellent overview of the situation here. He says ...

Let me make this clear:

I don’t care how conservative your theological belief system is, killing people or imprisoning them for being gay or lesbian is wrong and should never, ever happen.

Notwithstanding, according to the bill, I, as a straight person, would also be imprisoned if I don’t turn in gays and lesbians to the Ugandan government.

....Please spread the word. No Christian (or person in general) should ever let this happen on our watch.

Jesus was once confronted by a group of people bring an adultress to Him to be in some sense tried by Him. Jesus' response was to point out the accuser's own sins, and then to tell the woman to not commit her sin any more.

In other words, Jesus' response to NOT to say that woman had not sinned--she had, and He and her accusers knew it. And when Jesus had dealt with the accusers, he also dealt with what she had done.

One may disagree with what a people do, while not agree when others make unfair laws against them. So, for example, I do not agree with Buddhism, but do not support the Chinese government's treatment of Tibet. I think that abortion is murder, but that does not condone the murder of a Dr. Tiller.

You are not looking for a reason, though, Mr. McLaren, but merely an emotional response. You are merely looking to accuse, as the rest of you post shows most clearly.

This bill shows where misguided zealotry can lead, friends - the kind of misguided zealotry right here in the US that I posted about recently, the kind that Paul wrote about when he said (2 Cor. 3:6),

You can see why I believe we need a new kind of Christianity. I hope there will be some robust discussion about this Ugandan death bill on the discernment websites and others too, and some constructive action as well.

Your attempt to equate this bill with those who await the end of this current administrations incompetent management is simply a disgusting display of partisanship and liberal bias on your part. You who accuse, check your own eyes first.

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