Monday, November 16, 2009

they fear her

As Rush Limbaugh says, liberals will tell us themselves who they fear. Since Sarah Palin has had a book published, one that is already a best-seller, Sojo has come out with what I can only term a "hit piece".

The whole thing reeks of liberal elitism. To give you some low-lights in it...

It is hard to imagine a scenario in which one would undertake such a study and come to the conclusion that the impact she has wielded on culture has been even marginally positive...It is hard to imagine a single intersection with culture at which Sarah did not cheapen the quality of our public discourse. Now, with the publication of a “best seller,” we get to hear even more gems of wisdom...Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Jim Cramer, and Bernard Goldberg are all examples of folks whose participation in public dialog leave our public discourse more impoverished... What ponderous chain does someone like Rush Limbaugh bear for his “contribution” to public discourse? He used to refer to himself as having “talent on loan from God.” I used to wonder what Rush thinks God will say when Rush returns that talent, in light of his use of it...A willing and interested audience, coupled with freedom of speech and the freedom to market virtually any idea, no matter how harmful, the reduction of our age to a “sound bite” mentality, are all things that contribute to an environment in which negative influences on public discourse are allowed to flourish.

Everything about this entry is disgusting, and puts the lie to Sojo's supposed claim to want dialogue with others. They don't, likely they never did.

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